MeetupBot for Slack

A Slack bot to get to know list of meetups going on nearby your area based on your location and interest.

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I am a MeetupBot and my job is to make finding meetup events easier.

Want to know meetups happening nearby your area? Just tell me your location and interest and i'll show you the meetups list

MeetupBot gives you the list of meetup events happening nearby your area based on your location and interest with a detailed list containing Event name, Group name, Venue, Date, Status and RSVP count.

To see the list of slash commands that you can use to interact with MeetupBot hit /meetupbot

I am currently available for Slack, you can easily add me to your Slack team by clicking the button below.

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How to use me

You can interact with the MeetupBot with slash commands from within Slack. To call MeetupBot type /meetupbot and hit enter.

Let's say you want to see list of Javascript Meetups in Mumbai, just type /meetupbot-show Mumbai & Javascript This will return a list of javascript meetup events in mumbai only visible to you.

If you want to see list of meetup groups in your area based on your interest, just type /meetupbot-find New-York & Hiking This will return list of meetup groups based on your location. In this command the interest parameter is optional but it helps in filtering the result for you

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